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A high standard of care, for both you and your pet
A high standard of care, for both you and your pet
A high standard of care, for both you and your pet

The team at the animal clinic in The Hague

Many people regard their pet as part of the family. Just as you would not take your children to a stranger, you will want to know who will treat your beloved pet. As such, it is possible to make a free appointment for an introductory chat. Meanwhile, allow us to introduce ourselves.

The vets at Auwerda Animal Clinic

Dierenarts Auwerda; gebitsreiniging

Liesbeth Auwerda

Over 25 years ago, I chose to enter the multi-faceted profession of veterinarian and I still enjoy it every day. I took over the practice from Mr. Schouten in 2002.

I am continually inspired by contact with pets and their owners, providing the best possible care and managing the practice.

Fortunately, I have the support of a large team with many diverse qualities and we keep innovating, improving, and stimulating one another. This makes for an energising work environment!

After work, I relax on the sofa with my two cats Cozy and Uno.

Dierenarts Auwerda; vaccinaties

Marinka Rijks

After graduating in Ghent (Belgium) in 2003, I worked for various veterinary practices in The Hague and the surrounding area. I have been working at Auwerda Animal Clinic since 2010. I knew the practice from a previous internship and I always liked it. It is a sociable practice that is highly dedicated to both pets and their owners.

In addition, I find the combination of operations, dental care, examinations and consultations appealing. I am very pleased with our digital X-ray equipment and our recently acquired ultrasound equipment. At present, I am focussed on ultrasound scans.

At home, I have a cat called Pietsa. She is extremely lovable and likes to curl up on my lap in the evenings. In my free time, I am usually out and about with my dear son and daughter. If I have any additional time, I read a book or go for a run.

Dierenarts Auwerda; chippen

Brenda Ooms

In 1997, I graduated as a veterinarian, after which I worked for years at veterinary practices in The Hague and the surrounding area. I substitute in the absence of the other vets.

In 2007, I studied Orthomolecular medicine (the therapeutic effect of nutritional supplements). Afterwards, I completed training in animal acupuncture and chiropractic.

At my own practice, I regularly use acupuncture, chiropractic and nutritional supplements to complement the standard treatments offered by colleagues.

The assistants at Auwerda Animal Clinic

Dierenarts Auwerda; steriliseren

Barry van Leeuwen

I have been attached to the practice for 25 years now. But my dog Bonsai is an even more familiar face at the practice. She has been the clinic’s mascot for years. In my job I do a lot of the practice administration.

Bonsai and I share a home with two beautiful female cats, Dorus and Catootje, and a tomcat, Dirk.

Dierenarts Auwerda; vlooienbestrijding

Nelleke Priem

When I started my para-veterinary training, I served an internship at this practice. I learned a great deal and always enjoyed it, so I was very happy that I was able to continue working here a couple of days in the week after my internship.

I grew up in the Zeeland countryside, where I became very familiar with animals like horses and sheep. Nevertheless, I trained as an executive secretary, which did not really suit me. Eventually, I pursued my passion and completed my para-veterinary training.

I have three cats at home, Joosje, Katja and Lotje. A lovable trio. I also run a household and look after my little son. I really enjoy the combination of being a stay-at-home mum and working part time. I hope to keep working here for many years to come!  

Dierenarts Auwerda; vlooienbestrijding

Sandra Harder

I have been working at the practice since 2012. Having worked as a legal secretary for many years, I decided to follow my passion: animals. I came to the Auwerda Animal Clinic on an internship while doing my para-veterinary training. I enjoyed it very much and fortunately, I was able to stay on and work after my internship.

I am the point of contact regarding feline behaviour. Based on my training and experience, I hope to provide cat owners with advice and tips regarding their cats’ behavioural issues, for example. In addition, I manage the practice’s Facebook page. At home, I am the proud owner of two British Shorthair cats, Makker and Snowy.

On Saturdays, you can find me at De Nijkamphoeve city farm where I am the assistant manager and responsible for the general care of the animals. In addition, I am training our two Kunekune pigs, Jut and Jul.    

Dierenarts Auwerda; vlooienbestrijding

Inge van Winden

I have been fascinated by animals and nature from a young age. I learned much about animal behaviour while studying for my Bachelor’s (Animal and Livestock Husbandry) and during the scope of my work.

I have been working at Auwerda Animal Clinic as a veterinary assistant since 2010. Initially I was a temp, but I now have a regular day during the week. My main area of interest is rabbits. Through keeping pet rabbits for many years, I have greatly expanded my knowledge of and passion for them. At home, I have a pair of pet rabbits, buck Charlie and doe Alice.

In addition to working as a veterinary assistant, I run my own business as a pet photographer.